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At Dhar Law, LLP, we focus on one idea, a value that shapes what we do and forms the core of who we are. It is a call to action that motivates and informs our interactions with prospective and current clients, prosecutors, judges, and juries. It is the goal that guides the work of our team. It is the key to our successes. It will be the defining characteristic of your relationship with this firm. This idea is connection.

Connection is speaking directly and powerfully to judges and juries, putting them in your shoes and giving them the opportunity to empathize with you. Connection means putting you in the best position possible to be heard, seen, and protected by our courts and administrative bodies.Connection is respecting prosecutors in order to ensure that our advocacy is matched by a sincere and unequivocal professionalism. Connection is what helps our firm earn the esteem of our fellow attorneys so they know that you have the most responsibly forceful team on your side.

Connection is collaborating with and learning from peers, as our team works closely with one another so that you have available to you the full power and resources of Dhar Law, LLP. Connection is what makes this firm an enjoyable place to work, and what helps create unbreakable bonds among our staff so that each and all are wholly committed to you and your success.

Connection is staying loyal to our core values: We are a morally and socially conscious law firm. We zealously advocate for you and we put you front and center in all the work that we do. Connection means that you will feel at home no matter what brings you here. Connection means that you will be helped, regardless of the size or scope of the services you need from us. Connection means that you will have every possible shot at a fair resolution. Connection means that you will be treated with the dignity you deserve. Connection means that we do our jobs well and enjoy the work we do. Connection means you can rest easy knowing that in hiring us to represent you, you have hired a firm that cares as much about the means as the ends so that when we win we do so with integrity. Connection is who we are.

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