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I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney But I Don’t Speak English

Being accused of a crime can be a life-changing event, what if you only speak Portuguese? If your native language isn’t English, the process can be even more disruptive and confusing. It’s important to protect yourself by speaking to a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. If you don’t speak English, or speak only Portuguese then getting legal advice can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. At Dhar Law, LLP, we provide the services of an interpreter in several major languages spoken in Boston and MA, including Portuguese. We are a nationally recognized, compassionate and highly skilled criminal defense firm who have years of experience advocating for people from diverse backgrounds in the Greater Boston area. When you are accused of a crime and English is not your first language, you can be at a major disadvantage with law enforcement and during a criminal trial. At Dhar Law, LLP, we provide expert legal support to protect your rights and build a robust defense. 


Portuguese is the third most commonly spoken language in Massachusetts after English and Spanish. Portuguese and Cape Verdean immigrants are part of Boston’s history. In recent times, many younger Brazilian immigrants have traveled to Boston to live and work. As of 2014, Boston had the highest population of foreign-born Portuguese speakers of any state. 

Recent, younger immigrants speaking Portuguese are at particular risk of marginalization due to language and culture. At Dhar Law, LLP, we represent clients from underrepresented Boston communities. We strive to provide top class representation for anyone accused of a crime.

Our founder Vikas S. Dhar is widely recognized as one of Boston’s premier criminal defense attorneys and a leader in the New England legal community. As a seasoned trial lawyer and a “Top 40 Under 40” criminal defense attorney, he has been honored as a New England Super Lawyer in the area of White-Collar Criminal Defense over the past 14 years by Boston Magazine. At Dhar Law, LLP we are a socially conscious law firm who have experience responding to the needs of Massachusetts communities of all cultures. 

Speak to Your Attorney First

You have the right to have your attorney present any time you communicate with law enforcement. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you. Many people who don’t speak English are not aware of these rights and can inadvertently jeopardize their case by saying or doing something that misrepresents their side of the story. At Dhar Law, LLP, we ensure that you are protected and advised of your rights before any kind of communication takes place. Our Portuguese speaking interpreter will be present at all times and will help you proceed with care so we can assist you in building the strongest defense possible.

Interpretation Services in Portuguese

Being accused of a crime can threaten and derail many plans and goals you have worked towards, such as your career, your savings, your immigration status or a college degree. As soon as you speak to one of our attorneys with a Portuguese interpreter present, we can begin to understand your story and help you to build a strong defense. Our interpreters are subject to attorney client privilege, and anything that is discussed about your case is strictly private. The language barrier can leave people accused of crimes particularly vulnerable to the maneuvers of skilled prosecutors. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 617-880-6155 so we can get to work on defending your rights.


Have you or a family member been charged or arrested? It’s important not to make mistakes early on in your case. Download our PDF on the top 3 things to do to help your defense or if you have been arrested by the State Police or FBI or you are the subject of an FBI Arrest Warrant.

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Heading up the firm, Vikas Dhar is widely recognized as a leader in the New England legal community. An accomplished business litigator and a “Top 40 Under 40” criminal defense attorney, he has also been honored as a New England Super Lawyer/Rising Star in the area of White-Collar Criminal Defense for each of the past six years by Boston Magazine.

I have the power and the skill to be able to save people from themselves. I can be your guide during the darkness. I can hold your hand and navigate you out of the darkness into the light.

— Vikas Dhar
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