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College Student Defense Lawyers in Boston

Effectively Protecting Massachusetts College Students

College Students in ClassCollege is a time in a person's life when they're learning about themselves and gaining an education. It is also one of the first times when most people are fully independent and living on their own. While this may be great fun, it can, unfortunately, lead to lapses in judgment, making the wrong friends, or even getting into legal trouble. At Dhar Law, LLP, our Boston college student defense attorneys have extensive experience representing college students against all types of charges, helping avoid the consequences of a conviction, such as expulsion.

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Strong Representation for College Student Crimes

As an experienced and respected firm, we strongly believe that college students should not have to suffer consequences for the rest of their lives to pay for mistakes they made when they were young. Our goal is to show that they are a valuable member to society and prove their worth so that the judge may reconsider the stronger penalties, like jail or prison, and consider allowing them to pay restitution in other ways. We want to illustrate the importance of letting you continue your education so that you can grow and repay society. There are also a number of defense strategies we may employ, such as claiming mistaken identity.

A few examples of the penalties you could face if convicted include:

  • Exorbitant fees and fines
  • Probation
  • Criminal record
  • Loss of job
  • Expulsion
  • Jail or prison time

Protecting Your Child's Future & Freedom

At Dhar Law, LLP, we understand that your child's future is important to you. If they have found themselves in any type of legal trouble, it can be cause for concern. Fortunately, our firm is here to help. We have been recognized many times over the years for our commitment to excellent client service and our tenacious legal defense. Your child will be in great hands should you choose our firm to represent their case. We're prepared to argue aggressively on their behalf, building a strong legal defense for their case.

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