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Trust Dhar Law, LLP for Your Post-Conviction Appeal

Being convicted of a criminal offense may seem like the end of the road for your legal solutions, especially when your attorney lost your case. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Post-conviction relief may be available to you, depending on the circumstances of your conviction and your case.

At Dhar Law, LLP, we work with clients to help minimize penalties, modify sentencing terms, and even potentially obtain a dismissal of charges. Our Boston appeals attorneys are capable of filing several types of motions on your behalf and we are well-versed in appellate law, should you choose to pursue an appeal.

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Matters Considered During a Post-Conviction Action

We make an effort to tell all individuals who come to us that a conviction isn't the end of the story. If you believe that your previous lawyer made a mistake, there was missing evidence, or there was some other factor that led to you being wrongfully convicted, we can investigate your case. Post-conviction relief is intended to allow a full review with the possibility of a second chance at freedom. We work to challenge the previous verdict and get a new trial or modification of your sentence, depending on the circumstances. This may include arguing that there were errors of which the defense was not aware, as well as newly discovered evidence or other important issues.

We may be able to help with the following post-conviction matters:

  • Expunging convictions or sealing your record
  • Navigating or modifying travel restrictions
  • Appealing sentencing matters to reduce charges/sentencing

Secure Skilled Litigation On Your Side

If you are looking for post-conviction relief, Dhar Law, LLP is ready to help. As an experienced criminal defense firm in Boston, we have handled many post-conviction cases, including motions and appeals. We know that it can feel like you are all out of options because you were convicted or served your sentence. However, this is not the case. We frequently help clients get the proper justice they deserve by revisiting their case and beginning the process of filing an appeal or other motion.

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