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Suffolk County DA Announces New Rapid Firearms Indictments

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden recently announced the roll-out of a rapid firearms indictment program to crack down on illegal guns in Boston. Hayden made the announcement following news of a shooting of a student and a teacher at a Dorchester high school. Hayden has put in place a team of two prosecutors and two grand juries to review gun crimes. In just the last month there have already been 30 indictments through the program.

Violent incidents in Boston schools have made headlines. There is public concern that the availability of illegal guns such as 3-D printed “ghost guns” could put vulnerable people in Boston, including schoolchildren and teachers, in harm’s way. By speeding up the processing of more serious gun crimes and weapons charges, Hayden has indicated that he hopes to stem the flow of illegal firearms.

Illegal possession of a firearm in Massachusetts is a felony punishable by a minimum of 18 months in state prison. It is illegal to possess an unlicensed firearm, or to carry a firearm outside the home without a license, or to possess any type of firearm that is illegal in Massachusetts. Possessing a dangerous weapon is a particularly serious crime. If you possess a sawn off shotgun or assault rifle you could be facing life imprisonment.

Illegal guns are easier to make and distribute due to 3-D printing technology. Those charged with serious weapons offenses may have had no intent to use the weapon. The weapon could belong to someone else. The sentences you face however, could be life-changing.

At Dhar Law we have defended clients on numerous weapons charges and firearm offenses, including some of the most serious crimes in the Massachusetts Superior Court. If you find out you are being indicted before a Massachusetts grand jury, or if you are being investigated for a serious weapons offense, you should retain an experienced Boston criminal defense attorney immediately. Please call Dhar Law, LLP at (617)880-6155, so we can get to work on your case.

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