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Should You Fight International Extradition for Fraud / Drug / Crypto Charges?

If the US wants to extradite you to face federal charges should you contest your extradition? Is it worth it and what are your options? 

Disgraced crypto billionaire Sam Bankman Fried appeared in court this Monday for a confusing hearing during which he and his lawyer disagreed over his decision to waive his right to contest extradition. Bankman Fried had previously said he would fight his extradition to the US but appeared in court this Monday at a hearing during which he eventually agreed to waive his right to fight extradition. 

Who is Sam Bankman Fried?

Sam Bankman Fried is the disgraced FTX crypto exchange founder who cultivated a “boy genius” persona to build a crypto empire that collapsed when it was revealed that FTX had used customer funds to bail out its sister company Alameda. Bankman Fried is accused of 8 counts of wire fraud, securities fraud, money laundering and a campaign finance violation.

Should you Fight Extradition?

If you are facing extradition you should hire an experienced Boston extradition attorney immediately. If you are faced with extradition either internationally or out of state you can contest your extradition at an extradition hearing, or waive your right to an extradition hearing and agree to return to the country or state voluntarily. 

Agreeing to waive extradition could give an impression that you are cooperating with authorities and it could make it easier to attain favorable treatment from prosecutors such as a favorable plea bargain. 

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest or indictment however, agreeing to waive extradition may also make it look like you are prepared to accept guilt for the crime, or make it look like you are guilty of running from justice. Waiving extradition also means you will be remanded in custody and in many cases ineligible for bail. 

Why Did Sam Bankman Fried’s Attorney Disagree With Him? 

Sam Bankman Fried’s attorney in the Bahamas said Mr. Bankman Fried was waiving his right to contest extradition “against the strongest legal advice.” Meanwhile Bankman Fried said he was agreeing to extradition to “make the customers right.”

Deciding whether to waive extradition or fight extradition proceedings is an extremely difficult decision and it will depend on the individual circumstances of your case. Sam Bankman Fried’s arrest and indictment proceeded very quickly which could mean authorities had a lot of evidence against him and/or believed he was a flight risk.

Every international extradition case is completely unique and only a highly experienced extradition attorney can advise you on the right course of action. Our experienced criminal law attorneys have decades of experience fighting serious federal crimes. We understand the complexity of white collar crime cases and the need to be cautious, informed and strategic during every step in your case. If you are facing extradition it’s a very serious situation and you should contact an experienced extradition attorney without delay. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself in this situation. Our dedicated attorneys can consult with you through a translator if necessary, and advise you of the best possible course of action when it comes to your extradition options. 


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