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Are you Facing Sex Crime Charges? Have you Been Arrested For Solicitation?

Being arrested for a sex crime is a serious matter that can affect your reputation and future. At Dhar Law, LLP, we can build a formidable defense to protect you against harsh punishments.


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If you have been accused of solicitation in Boston or the Greater Boston area, Dhar Law, LLP is here to help. We have successfully defended countless individuals against serious criminal charges, including sex crime charges. Often an innocent act may have been misinterpreted by authorities as an attempted solicitation. Our Boston criminal defense attorneys can establish the facts of your case and may be able to secure a resolution in which your charges are reduced or dismissed entirely. Our legal team is in your corner bringing a sophisticated, solid defense, no matter what charges you are facing. 


What is Solicitation?

Criminal solicitation involves persuading, asking or demanding an individual to engage in a crime with the intent to facilitate or contribute to the commission of the crime. In general, solicitation refers to the solicitation of prostitution.

Penalties for Sex Crimes

The penalties for sex crimes are especially severe. If convicted of a sex crime in Massachusetts you could spend years in a state prison. For a first-degree felony sex crime charge, you could face up to a decade in prison. Due to the serious consequences of these crimes, we urge anyone facing a sex crime charge to take swift action to retain a criminal law attorney. Penalties for sex crimes can affect your rights, your future and your wallet.

Sex Offender Registration

Expensive Fines

Extensive Prison Time

Community Service


Loss of Certain Rights

Facing A Sex Crime Charge

In sex crimes such as rape, statutory rape or sexual assault, there can be a lot of “he said, she said.” Consent is defined by the law in a very particular way. Instead of seeking answers from friends and other non-professionals, it’s much better to speak with a lawyer who can explain how the law defines consent or the act of lawfully giving consent.

It’s extremely important that you have an attorney to guide you through the process as you may be tempted to agree to a deal or comply with police officers or prosecutors, thinking you will be doing yourself a favor or presenting yourself in a good light. Because every case is different, you need a highly skilled criminal law attorney to examine all the circumstantial issues in the case before you surrender your rights and freedoms. 

It’s common for people convicted of sex crimes to be required to register as a sex offender. Sex offender registration is a public record stating that you were convicted of a sex crime.  Your sex offender record will include your home address and other personal information. Sex offender registration very often has a lifelong effect on future opportunities and carries tremendous social stigma. Any individual who searches for sex offenders in a particular area of the state can view your picture as well as your personal information.

Immediately after being convicted of such a crime you are often required to register as a sex offender with your local law enforcement agency. The court notifies the agency which then monitors you. You will be required to update your information every year and report recent moves or employment changes.

When you are convicted of a sex offense many important rights may be in jeopardy.

The ability to vote

Ability to obtain a passport or a visa for entry into certain countries

Convicts are included in police line-ups as a potential suspect

Loss of eligibility to apply for financial aid for college

Inability to get security clearance for certain professions such as teaching, working with children, or security

Parenting rights can be taken away, including custody and visitation rights

Loss of 2nd Amendment right to legally obtain or possess firearms

We are Boston-based criminal defense attorneys who are proud to fight for the rights of the accused. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, please don’t hesitate to contact our local criminal defense attorneys at Dhar Law, LLP.

Vikas S. Dhar is widely recognized as one of Boston’s premier criminal defense attorneys and a leader in the New England legal community. As a seasoned trial lawyer and a “Top 40 Under 40” criminal defense attorney, he has been honored as a New England Super Lawyer in the area of White-Collar Criminal Defense over the past 14 years by Boston Magazine.

Know Your Rights

Sex crimes are serious offenses. We strongly advise against self-representation. With a skilled criminal defense attorney in your corner, you could hold on to your freedom and your rights.

Case outcomes:

Charges Reduced

It’s possible that you get your charges reduced to a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances and events leading up to your arrest.

Suppressed Evidence

Sometimes a violation that occurred during the process of the investigation could lead to evidenced being thrown out of court.

Charges Dismissed

We work for the best possible outcomes for our clients including getting your criminal charges dismissed, acquitted or dropped entirely. 

Expungement of Offense

There are some instances in which a sexual offense can be sealed from a criminal record. Expungement or sealing a criminal record can be complex. Our criminal defense attorneys have the experience and skill to determine whether your offense qualifies for expungement. 

Let Us Help You Tell Your Side of the Story

Don’t let assumptions about your actions jeopardize your freedom and freedom. Once we know the facts of your case we will move forward methodically with the best possible defense to secure your freedom. We have decades of experience fighting on behalf of the accused, and winning our cases. We treat all cases with complete confidentiality. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can get to work on protecting your freedom. 


Have you or a family member been charged or arrested? It’s important not to make mistakes early on in your case. Download our PDF on the top 3 things to do to help your defense or if you have been arrested by the State Police or FBI or you are the subject of an FBI Arrest Warrant.

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Heading up the firm, Vikas Dhar is widely recognized as a leader in the New England legal community. An accomplished business litigator and a “Top 40 Under 40” criminal defense attorney, he has also been honored as a New England Super Lawyer/Rising Star in the area of White-Collar Criminal Defense for each of the past six years by Boston Magazine.

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