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Misleading a Police Investigation: Explaining the Charges

If you have been paying attention to the recent news in Boston and beyond, you might have read that Brian Walshe, the husband of missing Cohasset woman, Ana Walshe, was charged with misleading a police investigation. But what do the charges mean and who can be charged with misleading a police investigation?

First of all, misleading a police investigation is a felony that can have life-changing consequences. If you are accused of misleading a police investigation it’s important to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

What is Misleading a Police Investigation?

A person charged with misleading a police investigation is accused of impeding, obstructing, delaying, preventing or otherwise interfering with a criminal investigation or misleading a police officer or investigator. If found guilty, the defendant will be punished by imprisonment in state prison for up to 10 years or by imprisonment in the house of corrections for up to 21/2 years and/or by a fine. If the investigation involves a crime punishable by life imprisonment the defendant can be punished by imprisonment in state prison for up to 20 years or by imprisonment in the house of corrections for 2 and ½ years and/or by a fine.

Brian Walshe was charged with misleading a police investigation after he told police that his wife Ana Walshe had left the house at 4am on January 1st to get a ride-share to the airport. He didn’t report her missing until January 4th. Police officers have alleged that he misled the investigation for the purposes of buying time to purge evidence of a crime.

Who Can be Charged with Misleading a Police Investigation?

Ana Walshe’s disappearance has shocked the public. In addition to the charges of misleading a police investigation, Brian Walshe was under home confinement for allegedly selling fake Andy Warhol paintings. During the ongoing investigation, the police found further evidence that foul play may have been involved. It’s important to remember however, that not all charges of misleading a criminal investigation or giving false reports to the police involve a serious crime like murder. The police are the first point of contact in a criminal investigation. When they conduct their investigation they can speak to witnesses and suspects alike. It’s possible to be accused of misleading police by not remembering events correctly or speaking under stress or duress. The police may also be conducting their investigation in a manner that does not respect your constitutional rights. This is why all experienced criminal defense attorneys advise against speaking to the police without an attorney present.

At Dhar Law, LLP we are highly experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorneys who have defended many serious crimes in State and Federal Court. Even if you have not been charged with any other crime, the charge of misleading a police investigation is a serious charge and should not be taken lightly. Please contact our Boston criminal defense team at 617 880-6155 to speak with our attorneys as soon as possible to see how we can help you fight any accusations of misleading a police investigation.


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