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Are you a Massachusetts teacher, coach or (former teacher or former coach) that has been accused of serious sex crimes related to electronic communications, like sextortion or cyber stalking, indecent assault, possession of obscene material? Then it is important to speak with an expert on the defense of these types of sex crime cases with the reputation and experience to defend your reputation and freedom. 

Have you been accused of sexual assault or possessing inappropriate images of students or young adults that were in your care? Very often these cases involve complex circumstances and existing relationships and often the evidence breaks down into electronic communications between a student and a teacher or a coach and a player.

As highly experienced criminal defense lawyers who have handled many sex crime cases we have knowledge of the technology and the forensic evidence and can help explain the charges and the circumstances of your case and explain your options right away.

We will begin a relentless defense of your rights and present you with the best case and worst case scenario for your defense. It is important to speak with an attorney quickly.

Parents, teachers and students are becoming more aware of these cases and issues that can arise out of possession of images on electronic technology. As sex crimes defense attorneys we see the trend in Massachusetts regarding these types of cases and we have written about this on our blog recently including: 

Steve Waithe, a former college track and field coach was sentenced to five years in prison for orchestrating a scheme to fraudulently obtain explicit photos from over 100 women across the United States.

In a recent Massachusetts case of alleged indecent assault and battery, a Lakeville wrestling coach was accused of indecently assaulting a teenager while wrestling. Indecent assault and battery is an extremely serious charge that can impact the rest of your life. If you have been accused of indecent assault and battery you should hire an indecent assault and battery criminal defense attorney immediately.

If you are a teacher, coach or (former teacher or former coach) and you have been accused of serious sex crimes related to electronic communications, like sextortion or cyber stalking, indecent assault, possession and disseminating obscene material, please contact the attorneys at Dhar Law LLP can assist you to fight these charges. Members of our defense team have been trained by the Center for Cybercrime Investigations and we are experienced in the defense of cyber-crimes and crimes involving images and file sharing. Please contact our experienced team of Boston sextortion defense attorneys at 617-880-6155 to learn more.


Have you or a family member been charged or arrested? It’s important not to make mistakes early on in your case. Download our PDF on the top 3 things to do to help your defense or if you have been arrested by the State Police or FBI or you are the subject of an FBI Arrest Warrant.

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