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Dedicated Representation for White Collar Crimes

Wire fraud is a very serious white collar crime which is aggressively prosecuted by federal agencies. Crimes under wire fraud are committed using the internet, phone lines, fax lines, or any other communication systems for the purpose of carrying out deceptive financial crimes. At Dhar Law, LLP, we have defended many types of wire fraud offenses, such as those involving mortgage fraud, investment fraud, and other types of false information for financial gain.

Once an arrest is made, the federal agency investigating the charge has already built a case against you. It is our attorneys' jobs to do everything we can to protect you and build our own case on your behalf.

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Elements of Wire Fraud Allegations

If you were charged with wire fraud, this does not mean that you are automatically assumed to be guilty. However, even if the alleged crime did not lead to a transfer of money, the accused can still be tried for the crime due to elements of misrepresentation. In order to reach a conviction, the prosecutor trying your case must be able to prove that you acted with the intention to steal money or something of value through misrepresentation using some type of communications device.

Prosecutors work to gather evidence to prove the following elements:

  • The actual use of some form of wire communication for the purpose of defrauding
  • Your participation in, or creation of, a plan to defraud someone out of money
  • That you had an actual intention to defraud another person

In the event that charges are brought against you, every act of wire fraud is counted as a separate offense. For example, if 10 separate phone calls were allegedly made to defraud other people, they would be charged as individual acts and, therefore, be penalized more harshly.

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