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What Is Cocaine Conspiracy and Why Do You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer for your Charges?

Have you been charged with Cocaine Conspiracy? Do you need a Boston Lawyer for Cocaine Conspiracy?

Under the Controlled Substances Act, Cocaine is defined as a Schedule II drug. This means it is one of the most severely prohibited drugs in the US under federal law. Trafficking a Schedule II substance is likely to result in federal charges. Even if someone hasn’t actually trafficked a Schedule II substance, they can be convicted for conspiracy to traffic the substance if they have conspired with at least one other person.

In a review of recent cases prosecuted by the US Attorney in Boston, a Massachusetts man involved in a cocaine conspiracy was recently convicted in federal court on conspiracy charges that resulted in a sentence of 57 months and 3 years supervised release. Bruce Marando, 48, was sentenced in Worcester District Court based on evidence collected by agents of communications that discussed purchasing and selling cocaine, cooking crack cocaine and using physical violence to assault customers unable to pay their debts.

How Is Cocaine Conspiracy Punished?

A cocaine conspiracy is a conspiracy to distribute a Schedule II drug, which is a federally prohibited substance. Many people are unaware of the gravity of a conspiracy charge. Crimes of conspiracy are very often punished at the same level as the offense itself. Being involved in a conspiracy could mean you are held responsible for acts you didn’t commit yourself. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t pull the trigger — if a court can prove you were involved in a conspiracy, you can be held responsible for someone else firing a gun.

The charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine can result in a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, at least three years of supervised release and a fine of up to $1 million. Conspiracy to distribute and sell cocaine is an extremely serious charge, no matter what role a person has in the operation.

Is A Cocaine Conspiracy a Federal Crime?

The more dangerous a federally controlled substance is, and the more of it you possess, the more likely it will be a federal crime. If you not only possess, but intend to distribute and conspire with two or more people to sell the substance, it’s very likely that you will be charged with a federal crime.

Criminal conspiracies are taken extremely seriously by the federal government and US attorneys in Massachusetts, because they are seen as an inducement to others to commit a crime, and an organized operation that is more likely to be successful. If you are accused of being involved in a drug conspiracy, it’s highly likely that you are being investigated by federal agents. Any crime investigated by federal agents can be tried as a federal crime. Prosecutors can also push for a crime to be tried in federal court if the crime is considered serious enough.

If you think you are being investigated for a federal drug crime or Cocaine Conspiracy or if you have been accused of a drug conspiracy you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. At Dhar Law LLP, we believe in everyone’s right to a fair trial and have defended countless serious criminal cases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (617) 880-6155 so we can discuss your case.


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