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What is A Strike-Three Holdings Letter? Have You Received a Strike Three Holdings Letter?

Have You Been Accused of Illegal Torrenting or Copyright Infringement? Are You Wondering What to Do Next?

Did you receive a letter from your ISP informing you that a company called Strike Three Holdings is suing you for copyright infringement? If so, you may be wondering what exactly is happening and what you can do to protect yourself.

Who is Strike Three Holdings?

Strike Three Holdings is a company that holds the copyrights to a number of pornographic films that are produced and distributed by brands with websites called “Tushy,” “Vixen” and “Blacked.” They have filed an ever-increasing number of lawsuits against people they say are violating copyright laws by illegally downloading their movies. They often file more than one lawsuit against a person accused of illegally downloading several movies.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a “peer to peer” downloading service that allows users to share copyrighted material by downloading the content in stages. By using the service, the person downloading the material can also share the copyrighted material with others. The individual user is accused of infringing copyright by illegally making this material available to others. BitTorrent is an extremely popular site, and many users don’t think they will be targeted, but Strike Three Holdings are able to easily get the ISP address and personal information from user activity. After this they will proceed to file a lawsuit and subpoena the ISP for the user’s personal details so they can file a lawsuit in your name. This is when you receive a letter from your ISP informing you that you are being sued.

What Happens Next? Why Do I Need an Experienced BitTorrent and Cyber Copyright Infringement Attorney?

When you receive the Three Strikes Holdings letter from your ISP, you need to act fast. You should immediately hire an experienced BitTorrent and Cyber Copyright Violations attorney to defend you. Why is this so important? Three Strikes Holdings is a company who can afford to hire attorneys who go after those accused of copyright violations in a way that strongly disadvantages the defendant of the lawsuit. The first advantage that they have is that the nature of the content is embarrassing, so people facing a lawsuit want to make it go away, even if it means acting against their own interests. Second, the company has the resources to fight in court and win. Third, their attorneys find ways to sue people for several infringements, so one person could end up facing multiple lawsuits and pay out excess sums in settlements. An experienced cyber copyright violations and BitTorrent attorney can guide you through the steps of quashing a subpoena against you, negotiating for a fair settlement that is in your interests, or defending you if you choose to fight the case in court. At Dhar Law, LLP, we are experienced attorneys who have defended the most serious and complex criminal and civil cases involving cyber crimes, copyright violations and white collar civil and criminal accusations. We can protect you against plaintiffs with superior resources who will file lawsuits or extract excessive settlements. If you have received a Three Strikes Holdings letter from your ISP, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Boston Attorneys as soon as possible.


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