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Money Structuring Defense

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Were you arrested for money structuring or have reason to believe that you might be under investigation? The IRS and other government agencies refer to financial and banking reports in order to identify large sums of money being deposited for the purpose of tax collections. Money structuring is a crime that gets in the way of their reports by breaking large deposits into smaller sums with the intent of concealing the size of a transaction and preventing it from being flagged. If you were accused of this crime, Dhar Law, LLP can help protect your rights.

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What Is Considered Money Structuring?

Money structuring specifically refers to individuals who are actively trying to avoid paying the IRS in some way. This may be tied to money laundering or tax evasion in some way or be related to money obtained illegally. In some cases, money structuring can involve a plan to have many different people handle financial transactions at separate banks to avoid reporting. Whatever the case may be or what you have been accused of, we can help. Our firm is extremely familiar with white collar crime laws, the way the federal prosecutors think, and how to create strategic defense tactics for clients accused of money structuring to help avoid a conviction and severe penalties.

Depending on the circumstances of the charges, you could face the following penalties:

  • Significant time in prison
  • Exorbitant fees and fines
  • Required back taxes
  • Community service
  • Probation

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As a firm recognized for our dedication to top-notch legal representation and advice, our legal team at Dhar Law, LLP has earned an excellent reputation in the community. We have even earned an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb. One of our primary areas of focus is white collar crimes, which are financially motivated crimes, such as money structuring. Should we take on your case, you can rely on us to strongly advocate for you and protect your rights aggressively.

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