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Insurance fraud is a blanket term that covers a wide variety of fraudulent activity. Generally, it involves false reporting or filing a false insurance claim to obtain benefits to which the accused is not entitled. This may include seeking benefits from the insurance provider or from government agencies. Insurance fraud can occur at the state, local, or international level, and involve any type of insurance.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime with severe penalties. If you or someone you know becomes the target of an insurance investigation or receives a subpoena in relation to an insurance claim, it is critical to enlist the services of experienced legal counsel. At Dhar Law, LLP our committed attorneys can help you make the difficult decisions regarding your next steps.

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How Insurance Fraud Is Detected

Certain types of claims have a higher rate of fraud, and insurance companies will use computer models to identify suspicious claims. In other cases, the public may provide information to law enforcement regarding possible fraud. Often, there are "red flags" that alert insurance companies, such as multiple claims by the same policyholder, losses occurring shortly after coverage takes effect, or the insured pushes for a fast settlement of their claim.

Insurance fraud is widespread and can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Auto insurance fraud
  • Workers' compensation fraud
  • Property insurance fraud
  • Medical or healthcare insurance fraud
  • Life insurance fraud
  • Unemployment fraud

Insurance Fraud Penalties Are Severe

Under Massachusetts law, filing a false insurance claim or using false information to deceive claims representatives is considered a felony. It is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. In addition, restitution may have to be paid.

There are also a number of federal laws that can be used to prosecute insurance fraud. It depends on the specific crime, but in general, these laws treat insurance fraud as a felony.

For someone charged with insurance fraud, there are a number of possible defense strategies. In many cases, there will not be enough evidence for the prosecutor to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. In other cases, the person charged may have mistakenly acted fraudulently, but they did not have the intent to commit a crime.

Whether or not to cooperate with the government or insurance company is a critical decision, which could end in a beneficial resolution or, alternatively, could expose the accused to criminal and civil liability. Often, individuals are given the opportunity to cooperate with investigators to reduce any potential penalties. Our knowledgeable insurance fraud lawyers in Boston can advise you on these options and other potential risks.

We Will Bring Clarity To Your Insurance Fraud Case

Insurance fraud defense can be complicated because of the sheer number of activities, laws, and agencies involved in fraud investigations. At Dhar Law, LLP, a knowledgeable lawyer experienced in defending those charged with insurance fraud can assess the facts of your case and recommend a strong course of action.

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