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Bank fraud can relate to any fraudulent activity committed within a bank or targeting a bank. These actions could be committed by employees who are attempting to obtain money through deception or it could be a banker who committed this crime. For example, a person is accused of committing bank fraud by pretending to be another person and illegally obtaining their property from the bank. At Dhar Law, LLP, we are familiar with all the different ways bank fraud can occur and how to build a strong defense against these types of charges.

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Representing Individuals Accused of Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is a general term which can be used for any type of offense that involves taking money from a financial institution under some type of illegal or dishonest guise. As a white collar crime, bank fraud can be charged on a state or federal level, depending on the circumstances. Bank fraud can also be charged in coordination with other offenses, such as identity theft or another white collar crime. Fortunately, we are here to aggressively protect your rights and advocate for you when you have been charged with a crime of this nature.

We can protect your rights against all bank fraud charges, such as:

  • Forgery - creating, changing or signing a document (such as a will, deed, public record, etc.) dishonestly.
  • Bribery - to solicit money for goods or services in order to benefit in some way.
  • Misapplication - the misuse of money or property.
  • False record entries - to enter a record dishonestly for the purpose of gain in some form.
  • Check kiting - a fraudulent action taken in order to steal money from others by way of using checks.
  • Embezzlement - stealing money or property when in a position of having responsibility over it.
  • Creating overdrafts - using more money than is available in an account.
  • False statements - providing false information in a witness statement, withholding information, etc.
  • Computer crimes - hacking, theft, or other fraudulent behavior done over the computer.

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At our award-winning firm, we are known for being client focused. Our knowledgeable white collar crimes attorneys in Boston are highly experienced in representing all types of fraud charges, including bank fraud. The consequences for a charge of this nature can vary and our goal is to help reduce or eliminate the penalties you may face. We understand the many varying circumstances which can be involved in these complex cases and we are here to help.

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