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Have you been arrested in Brockton, Massachusetts? Do you need a criminal defense attorney familiar with the City of Brockton  and who understands how the courts in Brockton handle a wide range of crimes such as White Collar Crimes, Federal Crimes, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes. 

Brockton is a city in Plymouth County, Massachusetts and is approximately 20 miles from Boston. It is most easily accessed by Route 24 South and is bordered by Easton, Abington, W. Bridgewater and Stoughton. According to the city’s website Brockton originally was made up of farms which gave way to factories, Brockton became an epicenter of the shoe and textile industries, earning the name “Shoe City.”  It has been named one of the best communities for young people three times in 2010, 2008, and 2005 and Brockton also has an award winning school system. 

Brockton is the seventh largest city in Massachusetts and often called the  “City of Champions”, this is because it was home to native boxers Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler, as well as its successful Brockton High School sports programs, most notably Brockton High School Football. 

Brockton does, however, have a high rate of crime. The chance of being a victim of a violent or property crime is 1 in 36. According to FBI crime data Brockton is unsafe and has a crime rate 95% higher than the other cities and towns in MA. The north side of the city is deemed the safest to live.

There are a wide range of crimes that you might be arrested for in Brockton, and these include violent crimes such as murder, assault or crimes of theft such as burglary, breaking and entering. 

If you have been arrested by the Brockton Police Department, you might face charges in Brockton District Court. If you are charged with a crime in Brockton, MA then please contact our Criminal Defense Attorneys near Brockton that understand Brockton and can help you with your defense today. To request a free consultation, reach out to our knowledgeable legal team at 617 880-6155 today.


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