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November 2014 Archives

Bill Cosby Facing More Assault Allegations

Over the past week, more and more women have come forward with allegations of rape and sexual assault against the once-beloved comedian. Now, a former television studio employee has said he helped provide payments to women with whom Cosby was allegedly sexually involved.

Young Lawyers Seek to Shake Up Legal Profession With Mobile Apps

William Palin is a 32-year-old lawyer who passed the bar exam in 2013. But it didn't take him long to wonder why, when the rest of the world is increasingly conducting business on cell phones and tablets, the legal profession is so tied to paper, desktop computers, and e-mailed Microsoft Word documents.

Massachusetts "Jane Does" Bring Lawsuit Against Escort Website

A popular website listing adult services, including escort advertisements, has been named in a lawsuit for allegedly enabling child sex trafficking. Two Jane Does, who live in Massachusetts, allege being trafficked for sex while they were minors. Pro bono attorneys have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the girls, against, for their part in advertising sex services.

Assault and Bomb Scare at Boston's Logan Airport

A 26-year-old Boston man is facing criminal charges after a bizarre incident which included falling naked through a restroom ceiling, and a random attack on an elderly man in the Logan International Airport. On Saturday, police responded to a report of a man who had walked into the female restroom, took off his clothes, and climbed up into a ceiling space.

Massachusetts Beer Industry Under Pay-To-Play Investigation

With the holiday season approaching, the spirit of giving is in the air. However, when it comes to some spirits, they may be giving a little too much. Alcohol breweries, distributors and retailers in Massachusetts are now under investigation for payments to access shelf space and bar taps, an illegal practice known as pay-to-play.

Harvard's Campus Sexual Assault Policy in Question

In 1991, Antioch College in Ohio announced their affirmative-consent policy as an approach to preventing sexual assault on campus. Initially, their policy of requiring verbal consent at each escalating interaction between students was mocked, but as pressure continues for colleges and universities to put a stop to sexual assaults on campus, affirmative consent has been widely adopted as the preferred policy. Meanwhile, those universities who have not adopted the affirmative consent policy, such as Harvard, are facing continuing pressure from students and faculty to make changes to bring them in line with the majority.

Jury Selection for Boston Bomber Trial

As the date for the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial approaches, the court begins a search for a panel of jurors to determine the fate of one of the accused Boston Marathon bombers. Due to the highly publicized nature of the trial, finding an impartial group of jurors will be no easy task, especially here in Boston.

SEC Charges Against Boston Ticket-Selling Scam

When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) comes knocking at your door, they rarely bring you good news. For two Massachusetts residents, their alleged scheme to defraud investors has led them to SEC charges as well as criminal charges involving their sale of a ticket-selling company, CitySide Tickets.

Body Cameras for Boston Police

Complaints concerning the shooting of unarmed individuals, such as the Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown, as well as reports of racial profiling by police have led to calls for better police oversight. One way to evaluate law enforcement is through wearable cameras. As more and more cities begin to implement the use of small wearable video cameras for law enforcement, will Boston police take on body cameras?

Department of Justice Finds a New Enforcement Tool: FIRREA

The Justice Department recently read through the United States Code and discovered something important - a statute that authorizes the government to issue administrative subpoenas to build massive civil fraud cases that carry huge penalties. For some reason, the Justice Department never used the statute until recently as a weapon against companies in the financial industry.

Massachusetts Man's Crime Spree Comes to an End

A man from Southbridge has been taken into custody in New York following an alleged coast-to-coast crime spree which may have taken him as far as Oregon and North Carolina. The man fled Massachusetts in September, where he had been charged for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. According to police, he may have been planning on returning to Southbridge in order to murder that same young girl. 

David Ortiz Sues Jeweler for Fraud

With the baseball season over, many players are looking forward to the off-season to get some downtime with friends and family before Spring Training begins. But one Red Sox player is warming up for another battle. Boston Red Sox hitter David Ortiz is very familiar with the baseball diamond, but perhaps less familiar in identifying the quality of real diamonds. Claiming he was sold imitation or low quality jewelry, Ortiz is taking a California jeweler to court for fraud. 

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