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October 2014 Archives

SEC Warns of Marijuana Stock Scams

With more and more states relaxing regulations of both medical and recreational marijuana use, the potential for big profits have many people seeing green. Unfortunately, along with the growth in legitimate business looking to make money in the growing industry, scammers have followed closely behind, looking to con investors out of millions of dollars. 

Massachusetts Faces Record Health Care Fraud

Massachusetts State Auditors identified $9.5 million in welfare fraud in fiscal year 2014, the highest amount in years. While Medicare and Medicaid fraud are a nationwide phenomenon, the increase in identified fraud could be the result of a higher rate of fraud, or simply better detection and investigation. 

Record Payout to SEC Whistleblower

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower program began in 2012. Since that time, awards handed out have increased slowly, but steadily. Now, in it's third year, the largest SEC whistleblower award has been handed out, to the tune of $30 million. 

Fraud Charges in Boston Area Casino Property

After stiff competition between competing casino plans for the greater Boston area, last month Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted in favor of Steve Wynn's casino planned for a spot on the Mystic River. Now, three owners of the Everett, Massachusetts land where the Wynn casino was to be build face state and federal charges of fraud. 

Supreme Court Decides that Cell Phones Seized Incident to Arrest Cannot Be Subject to Routine Warrantless Searches

Adapted from a Boston Bar Association Journal article by Michael D. Ricciuti and Kathleen D. Parker Case Focus On June 25, 2014, a unanimous United States Supreme Court decided Riley v. California, 134 S. Ct. 2473, and held that police may not conduct a warrantless search of the digital infor... 

Eric Holder Resigning - His Legacy and Replacement

Eric Holder recently announced that he will be stepping down as the United State's first black attorney general. Holder has had a mixed-legacy in the office, taking criticism from both sides of the aisle. President Barack Obama has called the announcement "bittersweet," but has yet to name a successor. Various names have been floating around to replace Holder, but whoever gets the job will face a number of challenges. 

Confidential Informants on Campus

The University of Massachusetts will suspend the use of student confidential informants until a full review of the controversial program is conducted. Turning busted students into secret informants for campus police is a little known program at a number of universities around the country. However, after one such student informant at UMass Amherst died of a heroin overdose, the costs and benefits of the anti-drug policy are being debated. 

Domestic Violence Policy Changes and Impacts for the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is trying to clean up their tarnished image after public outcry over the recent handling of domestic violence by players. After video surfaced showing Baltimore Raven Ray Rice punching and dragging his then-fiancée, the league announced a new "zero-tolerance" policy towards domestic violence. However, criticism continues with some suggesting the changes are too little, too late. 

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