Act Promptly If Your Professional License Is At Risk

Dhar Law, LLP, has a proven record of successfully representing professors, doctors, nurses, attorneys, real estate agents and other professionals who face licensing issues or hearings in Greater Boston and throughout Massachusetts. If you are being investigated for ethics violations, a criminal charge or any other matter that could jeopardize your right to practice your profession, we can help.

Often, the mere accusation of impropriety can be enough to damage a career. That is why we respond immediately and assertively to protect your rights and your reputation. It is important to act promptly if you learn of an investigation or the possibility of revoking your professional license.

A History Of Success

Our previous representations for professional licensing purposes include figureheads, faculty and professional appointees at Harvard, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Boston University, Tufts University, Simmons College, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Wyss Institute, MIT's Lincoln Labs, various Boston-area hospitals and the European Finance Association.

  • Advised a Department of Defense researcher in a security clearance investigation. Clearance granted.
  • Secured a resolution of criminal charges and then successfully advised a health care professional in his initial application for licensure before the Massachusetts Board of Registration.
  • Secured a resolution of a civil action and then successfully advised a civil engineer in his application for re-licensure before the Massachusetts Board of Registration.
  • Defense of a financial advisor following investigation into improper transfers from dynasty trusts. Secured dismissal of criminal complaint, precluding any discipline by the licensing agency.
  • Defense of a Director of the European Finance Association in misdemeanor complaint. We persuaded the court to order pretrial probation and case dismissal.
  • Represented a Boston physician/tissue engineer in a financial fraud investigation.
  • Represented a Harvard Medical School nephrology instructor (M.D., Ph.D) seeking post-conviction relief.
  • Negotiated a dismissal of an Application for Criminal Complaint for a Dana Farber Cancer Institute researcher. Successfully demonstrated our client's innocence at a show cause hearing, no issuance of the complaint.
  • Defense of a staff member at Tufts University School of Medicine and Cambridge Health Alliance community hospital. Favorable pretrial disposition.
  • Represented a CNA on charges of misconduct before the Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission.

We Can Help You Determine Your Next Step

If you face a licensure hearing or any issue that could jeopardize your ability to practice your profession, we can help. Call 617-391-0592 to schedule a meeting with our experienced professional licensure lawyers.