Our Investigators

Do We Do It All By Ourselves?

Many of our courtroom victories and successful business negotiations have been based in part on the highly qualified and very talented people that perform our investigative and consulting work. These outside professionals are at the top of their game, putting to excellent use the skills they honed as former law enforcement agents, military personnel, healthcare providers and civilian contractors. In fact, they are so good at what they do, we discuss only their background information below, so they can do their work...discreetly.


Private Investigators

Former FBI Special Agent. Held a Top Secret security clearance, investigated corruption, bribery, honest services, organized crime, RICO, FCPA, health care fraud, extradition, MLATs and Red Notices.

Former DEA Agent. Experienced in asset and financial investigations, court-authorized telephone and internet wiretaps, search warrants, electronic monitoring and recording equipment.

25-year veteran of the Suffolk District Attorney's Office/Sheriff's Department. Lead Investigator, Homicide Division and Major Crimes Unit. Civilian Contractor for Homeland Security spot investigations.

25-year veteran of the Massachusetts State Police as Commanding Officer. Led the Bureau of Investigative Services, Major Crimes and Drug Task Force. Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps.

16-year veteran of the Boston Police Department as police officer/Detective. Served on DEA Task Force, Special Operations Unit, Drug Control Unit, underwent FBI and Army Rangers training.

Consulting Firms

Cyber Forensics Consulting Firm - Senior network engineers, IS professors and private security experts in telecommunications. Trained in part by Cisco and Microsoft.

Investigative Consulting Firm - Board Certified by the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council. Civilian contractor with extensive experience with catastrophic injury investigations.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Consulting Firm - Led by a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Psychological consulting services for over 25 years, focusing in forensic evaluations and risk assessments.

Psychiatrist - M.D., Tufts University. Former Medical Director and Attending Psychiatrist at three major Boston hospitals, including academic positions. 25+ years experience in psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

Psychologist - Ph.D, Boston College. 30+ years experience in adult psychotherapy, dissociative disorders, PTSD, depression, bipolar illness, chronic health problems, disabilities, and sexual identity crises.