Real Estate

Buying a Home

Whether you are searching for the perfect home or have already found it, Dhar Law, LLP can guide you through the purchasing process while protecting your interests. Our real estate experts have overseen hundreds of real estate transactions so we understand the complexities of purchasing a home.

Time and time again, we have found that the key to a smooth real estate transaction is clear communication so that all parties feel comfortable moving forward. We have decades of combined experience negotiating with sellers, brokers, mortgage companies and attorneys in order to reach comprehensive agreements for our clients. In essence, we jump through all of the hoops so you don't have to. Dhar Law, LLP will represent you during all phases of your purchasing experience. Our attorneys will:

  • Review your offer
  • Negotiate the Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Protect your deposit
  • Provide quick title turnaround
  • Review the closing documents
  • Attend the closing with you

Our in-house title examiner ensures that we keep your purchase on schedule with accurate documentation. We also have a large network of realtors, banking professionals, mortgage brokers and architects who are happy to assist our clients when called upon.

Selling a Home

Selling real estate is not simply about finding prospective buyers. In fact, there are many potential complications that can arise during a sale. From property title preparation through deed delivery, every step of the process must be completed accurately and efficiently to keep the sale process moving forward. These are the types of challenges our expert real estate attorneys are skilled in dealing with. Throughout the sale process, our attorneys will:

  • Negotiate the Listing Agreement
  • Accept buy offers
  • Review the Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Prepare all sale documentation
  • Review the HUD Settlement
  • Attend the closing with you

Because accuracy and efficiency are so critical to successful real estate transactions, Dhar Law, LLP employs a full-time in-house title examiner. This means we can spot potential discrepancies and cure them before they hold up a sale. Also, if you are simultaneously selling one property and purchasing another, we can ensure optimal timing and outcomes for both.

Are You a Lender?

DHAR LAW, LLP represents a number of local and national mortgage lenders. We are known for the high level of customer service we provide to our lenders' clients – we are very conscious that we not only provide top notch legal services, but also act as the representative of the lender at closing. We will do whatever we can to get a deal closed. Our closing services to lenders include:

  • Quick title turnaround
  • Competitive and sometimes negotiable fees
  • We make ourselves available for last minute title search requests and closings
  • Immediate, responsive service from all of our attorneys and paralegals
  • A great lead and referral program that allows us to send business back to you
  • Well developed realtor and title examiner relationships.

Condo Conversions

In the decades of combined real estate experience at Dhar Law, LLP, we have developed an expertise for negotiating and executing condo conversions. Our attorneys can help you with:

  • Commercial purchases, sales, and refinances
  • Development and sale of mixed use properties
  • Title services, title examinations, and opinions
  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Land use and zoning regulations
  • Environmental codes and compliance
  • Variances and rezoning
  • Easements
  • Commercial litigation