Domestic Relations

Zealous Advocates in Domestic Relations Matters

Dhar Law, LLP attorneys are zealous advocates in domestic relations matters, and are known for their sound advice in divorce proceedings and all family matters, which can be among the most difficult legal issues that most people will ever encounter. Further, we strive to protect the rights of our clients with sensitivity to the difficult emotional, legal and financial disputes common during a divorce.

Children & Families

We emphasize a focus on children, child support and visitation issues, as clients are routinely concerned with future child maintenance issues, including health care and secondary education, and we can expertly advise on family decisions focused on minimizing the economic impact to custodial and non-custodial parents as a result of family changes. We recognize that some cases require alternative dispute resolution or closely-monitored compliance with GAL or Family Services' recommendations to reach a favorable result, while other cases require an aggressive approach by conducting full discovery and implementing strategic trial advocacy.

Alimony & Asset Distribution

When a husband or wife is also a licensed professional or a business owner, the financial issues in such disputes can become hotly contested. The Firm's attorneys have experience negotiating complex property divisions, often including utilizing forensic accounting techniques to trace assets and conducting appraisals on the valuation of businesses and assets such as pensions, 401k's, personal property, and real estate interests to determine asset splits and to evaluate alimony and maintenance payments. These practices and our varied experience allow us to have solid grounds for placing a value on the marital estate, and to negotiate as advantageously as possible for our clients in tax matters.

The attorneys in our domestic relations practice group pride themselves on being able to address these issues with sensitivity and skill. Dhar Law, LLP's full range of domestic relations services includes:

▪ Divorce, Trials & Appeals from Judgment
▪ Alimony & Asset Distribution
▪ Child Custody & Support
▪ Pre-Nuptial and Ante-Nuptial Agreements
▪ Same-Sex Marriage
▪ Reproductive Technology Issues
▪ Guardian ad Litem Issues
▪ Annulment, Dissolution & Legal Separation
▪ Disability Issues & Special Needs Children
▪ Interstate and International Domestic Relations Matters
▪ Modifications and Contempt Actions
▪ Paternity
▪ Adoption
▪ Guardianship and Conservatorship
▪ Will Contests & Probate Matters
▪ Estate Planning
▪ Trusts