Business Litigation

Our Philosophy + Your Vision

The attorneys at Dhar Law, LLP excel at understanding the legal issues that arise throughout the course of business. We have deep experience across the entire business life cycle, from business formation and incorporation through day to day operations, financing, governance, human resources and exit strategy. Because businesses are as varied as their creators, we inform our guidance with the fundamental and varied ideas of our clients. From there, we infuse our knowledge gained from working with large corporations as well as startups and entrepreneurs in diverse industries including technology, biological & life sciences, entertainment & hospitality, and real estate development. Throughout the course of our relationship, your vision is respected as we work to further your goals.

Forming a Business

From day one, Dhar Law, LLP has fully celebrated and embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. Among our founding partners and associates are several entrepreneurs with successful startup experience, both for-profit and nonprofit. Our attorneys work closely with startups and idealists, sharing an entrepreneurial mindset with a vision for building companies that can tackle great obstacles. We provide strategic counsel on business structuring, issues related to founder equity, securities law compliance, debt and equity financing, and human resource issues. We also leverage other areas of expertise from within our full-service law firm - intellectual property, real estate, business immigration, civil litigation and more - to provide comprehensive solutions to reaching your goals.

Financings, Operations, Sustainability

Dhar Law, LLP has developed an extensive network of angel investors, venture capitalists, and debt financiers who can help you take your vision to the next level. In addition, we will provide counsel on proper due diligence, beneficial tax structuring, and intellectual property licensing and protections. Our comprehensive capabilities are also useful in board meetings and senior executive level negotiations. To be sure, we use our full capacity to not only get you started, but to help you build a sustainable business.

Exit Strategy

Having worked with a wide population of entrepreneurs, we understand the full range of motivations behind business ventures. In many cases, business owners want to retire or move on to their next idea or philanthropic cause. We have experience counseling businesses through mergers, acquisitions, sales and IPOs. So in addition to getting you up and running, we can see you through the finish line.

Intellectual Property

At Dhar Law, LLP we understand that modern business is driven by intellectual property (IP). Whether it's a secret sauce (literal or figurative), a novel business approach, a new kind of entertainment, a drug, device or software, our attorneys can help you protect your most important business assets.

Comprehensive Services

We counsel inventors, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and management teams on patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secret law. We also assist companies of all sizes with cost-effective counsel on business-focused IP strategy development, licensing/tech transfer transactions, and IP due diligence.

Patents & IP Due Diligence

Dhar Law, LLP can handle all aspects of patent preparation and prosecution. Our IP staff works with a select network of affiliates to offer cost-effective patent preparation, prior art searching, filing (including filing international applications), and prosecution across many scientific and business method disciplines. Our team will meet with the inventors and business team to explore the full extent of the invention, and to discuss key areas of prior art. We keep a keen focus on ensuring that the patent protects the business that the IP represents. We also provide litigation support for claims of infringement, marking, reexamination and appeals of USPTO board decisions.

Trademarks and Domain Names

The names you use in your business are important, and this includes the names you use on the internet. Dhar Law, LLP will assist you in establishing a trademark strategy, identifying the most valuable names associated with your products and services. We can then execute trademark clearance and filings to protect those names. We will also help you identify and act when others are misusing your trademarks or domain names.


Books, art, video, performance and data are some of the most valuable assets in the modern economy. This is increasingly important in the digital age, where much content is created on the web in the first place, and where the low cost of copying means authors and artists can lose control of their work more easily. We help authors, artists, and other copyright owners protect their rights to control the copying, distribution, and performance of their works.

Trade Secret Law

The recipe to your secret sauce is only valuable if you can keep that knowledge within your company. Trade secret law provides protection against the misappropriation of your secrets, but only if you have prepared appropriately ahead of time. Dhar Law, LLP can help you put in place the programs and practices necessary to be afforded trade secret protection under the law.

Agreements and Contracts

We offer a comprehensive set of corporate agreements (NDAs, CDA, Consulting Agreements, Employment agreements, etc.) that have been designed to protect your company's IP assets.

Representative Work

At Dhar Law, LLP in Boston, MA, our attorneys have represented clients on a broad range of IP-related business matters including:

  • Patent prosecution for a social media software company.
  • Patent prosecution for an electronics company developing a new power transmission technology.
  • IP due-diligence and patent prosecution for a mechanical engineering company designing the next generation of wind-turbine masts.
  • Performing due diligence for a CleanTech R&D company on a new technology in the transportation sector.
  • Developing an IP/patent strategy for a successful e-Commerce retailer.
  • Advising a startup mobile software platform company on issues of open source licensing.
  • Trademark research and registration for software companies and a CleanTech company developing a new energy harvesting technology.
  • Patent licensing for a biotech company developing new tools for R&D.
  • Licensing and collaborative research agreements for a company in the CleanTech efficiency sector.