Criminal Defense

High-Intensity Representation

We understand the simple principle that sometimes in life, "bad things happen to good people." A typical Firm client is an individual, often with no criminal record, who is accused of a "heat-of-passion" crime, controlled substances violations based on addiction, fraud crime, or other major Federal and state felony. We are keenly aware that those accused of such crimes deserve the best defense in order to protect their constitutional rights and to preserve their record. In the zealous defense of criminal cases brought by local and regional law enforcement, our attorneys offer high-intensity representation utilizing excellent resources, including private investigators with federal and state law enforcement backgrounds, state-of-the-art forensic evidence evaluation, and consultations with renowned psychiatric experts.

Protecting Our Clients' Interests

In addition to protecting our clients' interests in criminal investigations, our diverse courtroom caseload regularly includes handling complex business disputes, government agency inquiries, professional licensing defense and commercial litigation. We have earned a reputation for swiftly resolving crisis situations, enabling us to successfully represent a host of prominent professionals, corporations, closely-held businesses, as well as university students facing first-time investigations or indictments. While our full-field approach has led to trial victories, our primary strategic goal is always to persuade the government to decline to prosecute during the initial phase of any investigation and to secure pre-trial dismissals when possible.

High Quality Defense in Boston, MA

Our attorneys also provide the highest quality defense to indigent clients in Federal and state courts as members of Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, Criminal Justice Act Panel (a statewide panel of only 125 attorneys), CPCS Appellate Division Panel and the CPCS Murder List (a statewide panel of only 100 attorneys).

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