Client Reviews

  • Vikas Dhar and the law firm of Dhar Law have repeatedly proven to be knowledgeable, compassionate and most of all experienced when it comes to the law. Exceptional communication and treatment of their clients makes them unique. Highly recommended.
    – Carlos
  • Mr. Dhar and his team represented me for a federal jail time case. I sought his help after releasing my first attorney who continually urged me to except two years in prison. Immediately Vikas and his staff went to work finding holes in the government case. During the case he and the entire staff were always responsive and professional. That professionalism also showed during his meetings with the prosecutors and judge. Due to this, his attention to detail, tenacious work ethic and knowledge of law I walked out of the federal court house a freeman! They saved my career and life. If you have legal trouble, do not waste anytime, contact Dhar law, they will get results!
    – Alex
  • I've had the opportunity to meet and work with a host of attorneys over the years. I can say, unequivocally, Vikas Dhar is among the finest I've had the pleasure to associate with.

    His skills as an attorney are extraordinary. He's briliant, saavy, eloquent, and diligent. He's always well-prepared. In short, he's the consummate professional.

    What separates Vikas the most from other attorneys are his people skills. He genuinely likes and cares about his clients. He makes them feel at ease with his calm, reassuring demeanor. He is patient and considerate.

    He's respected by other attorneys and judges across the Commonwealth. I'm proud to know Vikas and highly recommend him.
    – Muthena
  • King of the Courtroom

    I had the opportunity to work with Vikas during a lengthy, and eventually dismissed, criminal proceeding. Vikas and his staff are OUTSTANDING! Starting with his legal staff (Eva) and his entire team of attorneys (Vilas, Joe, Monisha and Eduardo), the entire firm was behind my case 100%. I never had a doubt that this was the right firm for me.

    Vikas and his team listened intently to the proof that I brought to the table about my former employer's position, the inaccuracies in their financial statements, untruthful affidavits and depositions. We were able to dissect their web of false statements through careful preparation, attention to detail and Vikas' skill in managing the entire process. Vikas and his team are very adept at handling opposing attorneys (a.k.a. "The Commonwealth) with ease, no matter how brash the opposition.

    Vikas and staff, thank you for your compassion, attention to detail and taking the time to address all of my concerns through this harrowing time in my life. You and your team are a credit to the legal industry!

    I highly recommend Vikas to anyone facing a seemingly impossible criminal complaint situation. After many months of preparation, the case was eventually dismissed with no further action. He's the best attorney in Boston, bar-none!
    – RW