About Dhar Law LLP

The defense team at Dhar Law, LLP, is a cohesive group of courtroom attorneys whose drive and victories have been featured nationwide. We serve clients ranging from national and international corporations, local businesses, professionals, families, university faculty and students.

Our firm is built on the drive to provide exemplary legal services in precedent-setting litigation, to train and work with entrepreneurial and brilliant attorneys, and to engage and support our community on a daily basis. We invite you to view our philosophy. You can learn more about our attorneys and legal staff by clicking on their name on the left side.  To make an appointment to discuss your legal matter, call 617-391-0592 today or send us a message using the online contact form below.

Our Promise To You

Resources and staffing — We will use every available resource at our disposal to handle your case and save you time, energy and money. No cutting corners. Forget leaving any stone unturned, we will move the continental shelf if we have to. We put together the right people and work as a team — lean and effective — throughout the entire process. Our "all hands" approach allows each of our attorneys to work on every case.

Leadership — Our founders believe in creating a culture of leadership where everyone's opinions are valued and utilized. We have developed "next practices" by embracing dissenting opinions, investing in people and always being inquisitive. We align our clients' expectations by understanding their needs, being discovery-driven and closing the gaps between fact and fiction in front of judges and juries. We are energetic and moved by a sense of what justice truly means.

Patience — We take calculated risks, but we strongly believe in having patience, where solid preparation meets the right opportunity. Our people are battle-tested and always prepared, but it's our patience that drives our success. After all, even children know that if you chase a butterfly, you'll never catch it. But if you sit still, the butterfly will soon land on you.

Challenge everything — We never accept the status quo — we challenge everything and don't take no for an answer. Strong, aggressive and always energetic, we don't go home at the whistle. We love what we do.

Community — Our attorneys and staff are from local communities including Charlestown, Jamaica Plain, Winchester, Taunton, Ashland, Westborough, and Rhode Island and Vermont. Many of us went to law school in New England and have raised our families to have Pats fever and to bleed black and gold. We are Red Sox Nation, and we cheer on our rebuilding Celtics, too!

In recognition of our leadership in socially conscious business practices, entrepreneurship and international nonprofit work, our attorneys have previously been invited to the White House, designated as delegates to host foreign ambassadors and international leaders, and have delivered remarks at the United Nations and before U.S. government agencies. Closer to home, pursuant to our professional fields and community work, we have lectured at Suffolk University, New England Law - Boston, Harvard University, New York University, at Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Seminars, local municipalities, police departments and have delivered "Know Your Rights" seminars to local community groups.

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